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Loafer Telugu Movie Review

Loafer Telugu Movie Review

Rating 2.5 / 5
Starring Varun Tej Konidala, Disha Patani
Banner Action Entertainer
Music Sunil Kashyap
Director Puri Jagannadh
Producer C.kalyan
Puri Jagannadh is here again to treat you with his third offering for the year, Loafer, while Varun Tej is venturing out to test the waters as a mass hero. Read the review to know if the duo has succeeded in delivering a promising film.

The story revolves around a mother (Revathi) and a son (Varun Tej), who gets separated because of a greedy and selfish father (Posani) . Due to a poor upbringing, hero grows up to be a loafer, just like his dad, thinking his mother is dead. What happens when he finds out that his mother is alive and know the reality of his father? Will Revathi accept her son, who is now almost like her venal husband? This forms the rest of the story.

Like all the recent Puri Jagannadh films, Loafer also backs up a major complaint about its poor production values. However, cinematographer P G Vinda appears to have given his best in making the frames colorful. Puri Jagannadh once again proved that he is second to none when designing out of the box characters and penning catchy one-liners. Though the dosage of punch lines is less relatively, unexpected zingers here and there keeps you glued. Background music in some of the key scenes and ‘Suvvi Suvvalamma’ song by Sunil Kashyap will haunt you. On the down side, unwanted stress on comedy scenes, a couple of uninteresting songs and slow-paced first half and loud histrionics of the actors makes you feel stressful.
Thumbs up
Loafer will surely be a turning point in Varun’s career. It rightly proves that Varun can do an out and out mass role and impress everyone in songs and fights. The lanky hero will definitely be a huge star in the coming days and has been showcased in a superb way. Varun’s stature, screen presence and emotional performance has been tapped excellently by Puri.
Yet another major asset of the film is Posani Krishna Murali. The seasoned actor has done his role supremely well and evokes superb laughs as a shrewd father. It is a tailor made role for him and Posani’s chemistry with Varun Tej is quite good. Disha Patani makes a confident debut and looks good on screen.
First half and interval bang are quite good and move at a swift pace. All the emotional scenes between Revathi and Varun have come out extremely well. Being a seasoned actress she is, Revathi was brilliant in her performance during the second half.
Thumbs down
Story wise, once again there is nothing new. After the interval, the film gets quite predictable and you exactly know what will happen by the end. After the post interval part, the film drifts apart and some unnecessary scenes come in to the picture.
Climax also looks a bit forced and is also dragged out with too much melodrama. Certain logics go missing in the film as the mother son relation could have been revealed during pre-climax to make the film even more believable.
Music of the film is a huge let down as the songs do not register at all. Brahmanandam’s entry and his episode have been unnecessary added and looks logicless.
The bottom line
We can say it is a 'operation success, patient dead' kind of a product since Varun Tej managed to score well, while Puri Jagannadh disappoints you big time by going for a rush and delivering a poor quality output.

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