Monday, 28 December 2015

8 Celebs to Invite For Your New Year Party

We often see them waltz around in immaculate attires, looking their best and adding an unmistakable sheen to the parties they attend. Undoubtedly, Bollywood denizens are the heart of all soirées, as they not only bring in a lot of pizzazz with them but also their trademark unique styles. And while it’s difficult to lure them to leave their starry affairs and indulge in your humble merrymaking, there is, of course, no harm in drawing a celeb guest wish list for your New Year’s eve bash, just for the kicks. So here’s a list of celebs that you should invite to ring in the new year in a typical starry style.
Aalia Bhatt

1. Alia Bhatt: This petite-carefree-party-loving-bubbly gal needs to be on everyone’s celeb guest wish list. She can add freshness in abundance to any party scene with her carefree fun loving attitude. She is the perfect guest to invite if you are looking forward to a youthful, fresh party scene. The Shandaar girl is sure to light up your bash with her effervescence presence. And if you are a fan of live music or karaoke, Alia can just make the evening perfect with her soulful voice.  
Ranvir Singh Party
2. Ranveer Singh: If quirky is your style of partying. You have to invite the king of quirky – Ranveer Singh. What’s more, this live-wire Bajirao Mastani star is loaded with unstoppable energy, so there cannot be a single dull moment on the dance floor. Ranveer is known to be quite friendly and approachable, so try your luck, and send him that invite; the energetic boy might just land up at your bash.
Deepika Padukone Party
3. Deepika Padukone: Now this babe is certain to turn your party scene into a sophisticated affair, with her drop-dead glamorous look. And the Chennai Express girl, who apparently enjoys dancing is sure to keep all the folks on their toes. Deepi darling is sure to make your party the most memorable one.
Ranbir Kapoor Party
4. Ranbir Kapoor: He might be in London with his bae in tow bringing in the New Year with style, but theTamasha boy needs to be on your wish list if your style of partying is typically Bollywood. The Kapoor lad loves to tap his foot on all Bollywood party numbers and old songs are his favorite, especially the songs picturized on his late uncle, Shammi Kapoor. So you can get ready for some ‘Yahoooo Chahe Koi Mujhe Junglee Kahe’ kind of fun if Ranbir happens to land up for your revelry.
Ekta Kapoor Party
5. Ekta Kapoor: Well, if you are a hardcore party animal then Ekta Kapoor needs to be on top of your invitee list. She is known for the lavish affairs that she hosts at her palatial house in Juhu and she might just share her secret as to how to be the perfect host at the party with you.
Hritik Roshan Party
6. Hrithik Roshan: This Greek-god look alike is a perfect guest to add the fun and élan quotient to your party. We all know of his fine dancing skills and it is impossible to take your eyes off him once he hits the dance floor. He is sure to teach you some jaw-dropping steps and shall take your party scene to another level.  
Shah Rukh Khan Party
7.Shah Rukh Khan: He is a complete entertainment package – Humor, elegance, etiquette, entertainment—you name it, and he will add that to your party scene. It’s impossible to make a celeb guest wish-list without the king of Bollywood. The Diwale star will undoubtedly be the heart of your party.  
8. Varun Dhawan: He is young, funny, cute, and doesn’t shy away from having a good time. So be it any themed party, Varun is sure to add some spunk to it. Known to be an energetic party buff, Varun will ensure that everyone around him is having some rollicking time too.
Well, you can go on and keep adding more names to the list; it is a wish list and it can be never ending. However, don’t let the absence of these stars dampen your party spirit. Let, down your hair, get merry and hit the dance floor, after all, you are no less than a star.
Happy New Year folks, be good and party responsibly!

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