Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Nandamuri heros Pathala Bhairavai Remake!

It is being spread widely in the media that debuting hero Nandamuri Mokshagna will be coming up with the remake of his grandad's 1951 hit "Paathala Bhairavi". Buzz has that Balayya will make this film as big as Baahubali and want Mokshu to get launched as a brilliant star from 1st day only. But sources close to Balayya has condemned that they are not even thinking about making Paathala Bhairavi into a movie. "Paathala Bhairavi is a classic which any other actor not even dares to touch. How could Mokshagna do that right with his first film?" a film critic asks. Anyway, films lovers are happy that PB remake is not happening, but Nandamuri fans are wondered why Mokshagna is not remaking the movie.

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